Hanoi + Halong Bay – A sweet goodbye [South East Asia Series 2019.2020]

I got back to Hanoi at around 5.30am after taking the night train. Once again, was pestered by taxi drivers who literally went to the platform and aggressively started knocking on the windows of the train and screaming (asking) if you’d want a cab.

I basically walked for 40min to close to the office where I was going to get my transfer bus to Halong bay. The not so fancy side of travelling is when you’ve got to wait 1hour in the middle of a city for a specific place to open.

Anyway… at around 1.30am got to Halong Bay and took the ferry to our cruise (overnight one) and holy moley!!! That was a fancy cruise!! Below you can see my surprise as I walked into my cabin but also pictures of the views etc.

There were a lot of activities planned for such a short period of time so I decided to skip the caves and just chilled on the boat, taking it all in. I also had no internet again so those 24h were absolute bliss.

I mostly chatted with Jenny and Christine from Norway during these 24h and it was just really cool to get some tips on my potential next trip.

Got back to Hanoi on Thursday, 16th at around 3pm and became very aware that I only have another 4 days before having to go back to the UK and that makes me sad. 😦

However!! Got to meet up with Zach again who I met in Laos a month ago and that was the best way of finishing my trip in Vietnam.

Thank you Jenny and Christine for sharing a little bit about your country and overall for keeping me company. Doing these type of cruises can sometimes be a weird experience for solo travellers (there’s usually a lot of families, couples or groups) but having you both as company and to chat with made it a lot better.

Thank you Zach for still being the funniest Canadian I’ve ever met. Thank you also for listening to all my stories about Vietnam and Cambodia. I honestly can not wait to see you again in Asia next year or ir Canada soon!

Published by Mariana Vieira da Rocha

"I think it's perfectly acceptable and rather admirable to be moderately delusional"

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