Peru, a summary [The Americas – #chronicles 2022]

It has taken me ages to get inspired to write again, and to be honest I’m still not very excited about it, but I do want to keep a record of what’s been happening on this trip, so here it goes. (I reckon I will add more to this post in the future, but for now, a summary).

Everything in Peru felt a little bit rushed, except for the Salkantay Trek. I knew it would be like that but I definetly regret it a bit. I wanted to spend more time in Peru, but due to not being able to change my Salkantay trek, I had to visit it within quite a short period of time.

I arrived to Peru on the 8th August and left on the 25th, which is simply not enough time to fully enjoy Peru. Unfortunately I could not go to the north of Peru and will have to come back for that. (Yes, it is worth coming back to visit Peru again, specially the north.

I used PeruHop to travel around Peru but to be honest you can use the local buses to do all the routes I did, and it will probably be cheaper. At the time I needed convenience and certainty, and PeruHop gave me that.

I had booked my Salkantay trek in the 17th Aug and needed to be in Cusco by the 14th, so I had very limited time to explore Peru (which yes…. Is a shame, but unfortunately I could not change my trek. Trust me, I tried)

Tip: it is worth looking into PeruHop website for ideas of different routes you can take in Peru, even if you intend to use the local buses. ( … *and no, I’m not getting paid to suggest their website

This was my route through Peru
  • Lima (8-10th Aug): Lima was super nice and I really enjoyed just walking around Miraflores area. It is not a place where I’d spend a lot more time, but definitely worth a visit.
  • Paracas (10th Aug): I stopped at Paracas on the way to Huacachina and I honestly think a few hours there were enough. I got to explore the Paracas National reserve which is pretty stunning and then continued to Huacachina where I spend the night. (There are a lot more activities to do in Paracas, so I’m sure you won’t be bored)
  • Huacachina (10-11th Aug): I wish I’d been able to stay for longer at Huacachina and had stayed at a party hostel. I got to Huacachina around 2pm and at 3pm went sandboarding and riding the dune buggies. This was pretty incredible! I never paid much attention to desert landscapes but when you’re in one you start appreciating it a lot more. Watching the sunset there was pretty incredible. Now…. There was sand everywhere. Yes. There as well. Everywhere.
  • Nazca (11th Aug): Left Huacachina in the morning and before stopping in Nazca to see the Nazca lines we did a Pisco tasting. That got us pretty tipsy before 12pm. The Nazca lines are nice but to be honest I was not that impressed, but I only did the observation tower. Other people who did the flying over the lines might have been a bit more impressed.
  • Arequipa (11th – 13th Aug): I really really like Arequipa and could have easily stayed for an extra night. The city in itself as an awesome vibe. Did my usual walking tour and did a one-day trip to Colca Canyon. To be honest, if you’re going to visit Colca Canyon I don’t think one day is enough and I believe that if you have the time you should definetely do at least 2 days (with one night there). That’s what I’ll do whenever I come back.
  • Cusco (14th – 17th Aug): This was my favourite place in Peru. Yes, its very touristy, and yes it’s moer expensive than other places, but I found Cusco pretty special. It’s a beautiful city with a lot of history and I loved doing the walking tour there and getting to know more about the place. I also got a little kiss from an alpaca when I was there and it’s a memory I’ll cherish forever hehe.
  • Salkantay trek and Machu Picchu (17th – 21st Aug): A new post just on this coming soon
  • Cusco (22nd – 25th Aug): I stayed in Cusco again after my Salkantay trek as I had a few meetings I needed to attend and also because… well, laundry. During my time here I met up with Jake again (who I’d met in Costa Rica and then again in Colombia), and it was pretty good to take a few days to do very little.
  • Cusco – Puno – Copacabana – La Paz (25th – 26th Aug): This was a bit of a journey from hell. Not because the journey in itself is bad, but mainly because I couldn’t sleep on the nightbus (it was far too cold) which meant that when I got to Puno I was pretty moody and sleep deprived. We crossed the border and when I got to Copacabana all I wanted to do was sleep (or have coffee lol). And then finally La Paz.

To the people I met in Peru…

Max, thank you for the company during my time in Lima. I’m really happy we were able to meet again and share all those Miraflores walks and chats. Lima was a better place because I got to share it with you

Ido and Ori, you two are, without a doubt, my favourite Israeli people of all times. I laughed far too much with you and it was just fantastic to see how two friends can share their travelling experiences like you do (considering how different you are). Ori, thank you for asking me such random but somehow relevant questions. And thank you for your sense of humour…. It still cracks me up thinking about it. Ido, you’re a pretty special soul and I feel very privileged to have heard a little bit of your story. The world is not always a kind place but the way you continue to be such a kind and patient person after everything that has happened is a testament that we an go through some awful hardships and still be fantastic human beings.

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