Hong Kong – to be continued… [South East Asia Series 2019.2020]

I’m still trying to get my head around Hong Kong. I feel like you’ve got two options here… you come for 3 days and do the touristic bits only, or you really have to come for a week or more to properly get it. It’s impossible to explore the islands and the amazing hiking in the area if you don’t have enough time.

I think I liked Hong Kong. Sometimes it reminded me of London, other times it reminded me of Lisbon. It’s incredibly diverse and I did not meet one single rude person. I never had to ask for help… because everyone just offered to help.

However… word of warning children. Apparently, being a woman in her 30s, travelling alone and staying at a hostel means that you’re in Hong Kong as a sex worker. So learn from me kiddos… if someone offers to help, say yes, get the info, access it and then move away (actually away from the person. Just say you’ve got diarrhoea or something). Otherwise you’ll have a creepy man messaging you on Facebook for three days straight (yes yes, I give my Facebook out to people and usually delete them a few days later).

I walked around a lot and saw the “Symphony of Lights” at the harbour (which is the world’s largest permanent light and sound show according to Guinness World Records). I’m fairly critical about this kind of stuff so have to say it was a bit underwhelming. Still nice though.

I also did the Lion’s rock hike and that was pretty cool. Next time I visit I’ll need to do The Dragon’s back trek and explore some of the islands.

Also managed to do a HK tour which was quite interesting and gave me a bit of a better idea on Hong Kong’s history and the current political situation (and why it’s the mess that it is).

Unfortunately, on my last day I had to do a quick trip to the local hospital (nothing serious, all is well!!!) and let me tell you about the health service in here … it’s amazing! I was in an out in less than an hour, got my antibiotics and I’m now at the airport waiting for my flight to go back to the UK.

In the end, I explored a little bit, didn’t see everything I wanted to and deffo want to come back.

Thank you to Pedro for keeping me company for 3 days despite never really having met me before and being busy with work. Thank you for showing me a little bit of what Hong Kong’s nightlife has to offer, for “introducing me” to Jordan Peterson, for making me laugh and for the long chats. It was good to feel at home at the end of this trip.

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