Episode 4: Carrauntoohil, Ireland (Europe 2018 series)

Location: Carrauntoohil hike (Killarney to Dingle)

Hostel: Killarney Railway Hostel, Killarney // Rainbow Hostel, Dingle

To do: Hike Carrauntoohil

Yes, this is an entire post about climbing to the highest point in Ireland, Carrauntoohil. It was not the best weather on this day, and it was not a great start, but by the end of the day I was as happy as anyone that has just climbed an awesome mountain and fell knee deep in cow shit. I’ll explain….

We stayed in Killarney the night before and got up really early so we could make it to Carrauntoohil, climb it and then still drive to Dingle. It was the first day it rained since we had arrived which wasn’t great. To top it off we couldn’t find the key to our room to do the check out. After a good 20min delayed departure we finally got on our way to do the hike.

It was raining quite a bit when we got there and we considered not doing the hike but I’m glad we went ahead with it. After 2 hours it eventually stopped raining however it still meant a very soggy and difficult climb.The views from the top weren’t great due to the foggy weather, but the climb in itself was amazing and we still got some pretty good views from half way up the mountain.

I did struggle more on the way down than on the way up, mainly because everything was super wet and slippery. I also got pretty bad vertigo which didn’t help the entire thing. But hey… we finally made it past the “Devil’s Ladder” and I was just relieved to be on more levelled ground again. But the views … just wow.

As we are walking back to the car, through very soggy soil, I decided to be a smart ass and take a different route to try to avoid the muddy path. Soon enough I realised that was one of the worse ideas of all time as I fell knee deep in cow shit. Yep. Correct. That happen. Without any other option I just really had to keep walking until I could get out of that particularly shitty situation (quite literally!). So I found a river and had a bit of a wash but those trainers were kept in a very well sealed bag until I had the chance to properly wash them at home.

If you like a good hike I’d deffo recommend you take a day to go to Carrauntoohil. It was one of the best things I did in Ireland.

There were some showers in the ‘Mountain house’ // Cafe, so I had a quick shower (very quick…you had to pay for hot water….) and then we made our way to Dingle.

We stayed at the Rainbow Hostel in Dingle which was an absolute gem of a place…. that or I was just so tired that I could have slept anywhere.

Now that our big hike was over, it was time to start going towards one of the places I’d always wanted to go to…Galway. But first….Doolin!

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