Chapter 3: Auckland [New Zealand Series 17/18]

Location: Auckland (New Zealand) Hostel: Metro Adventurer Backpackers, Auckland Unfortunately I don’t have a lot to say about Auckland since I only stayed there for a night when I landed and then for a day when I was on my way to Rotorua. If you’re staying in the city centre and don’t have a lot of timeContinue reading “Chapter 3: Auckland [New Zealand Series 17/18]”

Chapter 1: A long-expected travel adventure [New Zealand Series 17/18]

I’ve been wanting to go to New Zealand since 2001. That’s 17 years ago, after I first watched The Lord of the Rings and then read all the books. Trust me when I say this….when you wait so long to do something, the impact it has on you is huge. In the next few postsContinue reading “Chapter 1: A long-expected travel adventure [New Zealand Series 17/18]”