Before we begin… [The Americas – #chronicles 2022]

We all talk a lot about our travels whilst you’re doing it and after we’ve come back, but very few people talk about what happens before you go (unless is to talk about how to pack, what to buy etc). I could talk for days about that as I’ve had my fair share of challenges recently when it comes to what to buy, but this is not a post for that.

This is my first long trip. 6 months. I currently work full time and asked for 6months unpaid leave. It was granted. I knew It was going to be a busy period before going, I knew I’d be stressed, I knew I would be very worried, but I was not ready for the fear, the apprehension, and the mild panic moments.

I could write about all of that, but I pay a therapist to listen to that :p

This post is about saying thank you to those people who hold your hand before your trip, who reassure you, who help you understand where your fear is coming from and remind you that you have the tools to deal with it. It’s a thank you to those who make your life easier by helping you in small and big ways, which allow you to be reassured it will all be ok.

So… Thank you to….

  • Ben, the best landlord anyone (literally anyone!) could ask for. I’ve got no words for how much your help and kindness have been instrumental for me to be able to take this trip. Thank you.
  • Poppy, Tim & my cousins for always being there. Always.
  • David for being one of my travelling inspirations and for always having time to hear my stories. (He says I don’t bore him, I don’t believe it )
  • To Jessica… omg to Jessica! For planning out US road trip and allowing me not to have to think about it. For listening to my ideas, for reassuring me and for being an inspiration
  • To Grace and Ali, who will be looking after the department when I’m gone. I would have not left if I didn’t feel that you two were one of the best things that happened to this department in a very long time
  • To my manager Kay, for everything she did to make this trip a reality. I know it was a lot, and I will forever be grateful.
  • To Em, Danny and the boys, for my amazing farewell party and for supporting me beyond measure.
  • To Marije, the sister that has changed my life forever and continues to remind me that I can stop, I can say ”no” and I can follow my dreams.
  • To my newly found lil family, Sami, Speja and Vedran, for waiting for me. Not everyone would have, and I’ll never forget they you are. It means the world.
  • To the Portuguese crew…. All of you. Because….”All that Love. All that crazy love”
  • And to my work gang… for never finding me ‘too crazy’, just crazy enough to follow my dreams. Thank you for the support, the enthusiasm and for the best farewell. I will miss you all

Published by Mariana Vieira da Rocha

"I think it's perfectly acceptable and rather admirable to be moderately delusional"

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