(Day 200) // 28th week – 6 months since surgery – I got lazy // 29th May 2021

Although the 6 month mark was a few weeks ago I’ve only just been able to take a decent picture of the feet and take some time to write about it.

Overall everything is ok, and I’m doing everything I used to do before surgery… well.. more or less.

In the past three months I got fairly lazy and haven’t really been doing all the physio exercises I should…. and that’s very noticeable on the toes mobility. To be honest…. it hurts a fair bit to do the exercises and since I’ve got not one to push me to do it I simply don’t. Not a good thing and I need to do better if I want my toes/feet mobility fully back.

Other updates are:

  • they very rarely swell up these days
  • The scars are still quite “hard” which is a result of not massaging them at all
  • They occasionally hurt, mainly when I run on jump around

I do not regret at al having the surgery, which is still the main question I get. The pain was too much to handle before and now there’s barely any pain (and i expect there to be pain until the 12months mark anyway)

Not sure if my dance moves will ever be the same but hey…. I’ll keep practicing

Published by Mariana Vieira da Rocha

"I think it's perfectly acceptable and rather admirable to be moderately delusional"

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