(Day 12) Hospital appointment (gross feet images) // 24th November 2020

Today was the day. Bandages and stitches have been removed and I’ve been allowed to wash my feet for the first time since surgery.

My appointment was at 3pm so I was careful to continue to elevate and ice my feet as I have for the past 5 days.

A nice trick that actually works is the idea of putting the ice behind your knees instead of on top of the bulky bandages (where it will be less effective). I thought this was mainly to help with the pain (which it did), but it basically works by actually cooling down the blood that goes towards your feet and helping with inflammation from “the inside out”. That’s not a medical term, but it really is how it feels. After 20 minutes of having the ice pads behind my knees my feet were absolutely freezing.

Anyway, I digress.

Got out of the house to go to the hospital and realised that walking with the crutches has become a lot easier. I’m able to support my weight on the side of my feet and heel and got to my cab without any issues.

Dr. Walker (Dr. McCutie) removed the bandages and the feet are looking very very bruised and swollen. He said it’s normal and they look as it is expected. He also said the X-rays look good. (Considering the way those feet look on the outside no one would say the inside is looking any better, but I trust him).

Removing the stitches was not as painful as I thought but it wasn’t painless either. (I’m also a bit of a drama queen, so I’ll take that on board)

He showed me some rehabilitation exercises I’ve got to do on a daily basis that involve “pushing” my toe up and down very slowly to regain mobility. That brought me close to tears, I won’t lie.

Overall the recommendations are:

  • Avoid walking
  • I can’t walk barefoot or with trainers etc (only with the special anime shoes)
  • Do the mobility exercises every day, for 10 minutes
  • Can massage the place where the stitches were to reduce scar tissue
  • Can shower but sitting down. No baths
  • Continue to elevate and ice

As soon as I got home I decided to take a few steps without crutches just to see how it felt and it was very much ok. I’m continuing to use my wheelie chair 90% of the time but I’m slowly trying to take a few steps here and there.

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