(Day 5) They’re out! // 17th November 2020

The feet!

They were “out” for a few minutes today as I got my dressings changed at the hospital. I’m pleasantly surprised to be honest, they could look a lot worse. They do look fairly healthy considering it’s been 5 days since surgery.

Anyway, it was an interesting day.

I was up really early to do some work related stuff, had my baby wipe shower, worked all the way through the morning and then got ready to go to my appointment at 14:25.

Getting on my feet again with crutches was a challenge and super scary. I eventually made it to the stairs, and managed to fall on my butt twice. After that I simply accepted the fact that I was going to go down the stairs on my bum. Got on my uber (which due to covid19 was shit as the driver is not allowed to get out and help you) and then had to walk all the way down the corridor of the hospital in crutches since there was no wheelchair available. Let’s just say I’m not doing very well with the crutches. Had to stop a few times and was sweating by the time I got there.

Got seen by gorgeous Mr. Walker, who reassured me he was very gentle (wink*) and that changing the dressings wouldn’t hurt a thing. He was right, of course.

I asked if they had managed to keep my “dancing baby avocado tattoo” in place and he started laughing as he told me that everyone was finding it a funny tattoo when they were operating on my left foot.

Did some x-rays and ended up begging for someone to find me a wheelchair as I would not be able to cope with walking all the way back to the entrance of the hospital. A very nice radiography student on her placement (who clearly needed a break to check her phone), offered to take me and I obviously did not refuse.

Again… it got to 6pm and I was absolutely knackered and ready for bed. I honestly did not expect I’d be so tired over feet surgery, specially not 5 days afterwards. But I guess that’s why they tell you to take a week off work minimum.

Also…. my back is absolutely killing me. I’m clearly not made to stay in bed all day, my body is not reacting very well to this.

I do a #covid19chronicles daily post on instagram, and that has been entertaining since my surgery on Thursday (@Mariana_v_rocha)


  • Find strategies to not put your feet down for the first 5 days. This will help you cope when you have to get on crutches for your first appointment.
  • Strategies… 1) “Bum it” around the house; 2) Buy some knee pads and walk on your hands and knees with your feet lifted 3) Buy a “wheelie stool ” (thank you again Jess”) and use it to wheel yourself around.
  • Elevate, elevate, elevate!!
  • Get a bloody wheelchair at the hospital. The pain in you feet an hands is not worth it.
  • Do some mobility exercises for your ankles but your body in general. I slowly started today and will plan a better workout tomorrow.

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"I think it's perfectly acceptable and rather admirable to be moderately delusional"

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