(Day 2) The spaced-out day // 14th November 2020

Today has been weird.

I’ve managed to sleep for maybe 5 hours during the night (which is really good!), and woke up feeling less pain than yesterday.

I think the stress of the surgery itself and the lack of sleep is definitely getting to me now as I’ve spend most of the day unable to do much. I can’t focus for long enough to watch a movie or read a bit. I can’t focus enough to even have a long conversation with someone. When I speak with someone for longer than 10min I get so tired I literally have to take a short nap.

I know. Ridiculous.

The really good news is that the pain went down significantly by 5pm today which is a good thing since my medicine was going to finish today at 10pm. So I reduced the dosage from 2pills to 1pill during the afternoon so that I can wean myself off the medicine and still have it during the night today.

From tomorrow I’ll only be taking “over the counter” painkillers, so that should be fun fun fun (not!).

Anyway…. below are pictures of me “organising my nest” and napping.

The only other important thing I did today was showering.

Oh my god what a life changer. It was a sit down shower with my legs out, which was an interesting experience, but feeling the warm water on my body and being able to fully clean myself felt amazing. The first 2 pictures below are me preparing everything for the shower, and the last one was after having taken my first successful shower on my own.

Published by Mariana Vieira da Rocha

"I think it's perfectly acceptable and rather admirable to be moderately delusional"

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