Blooming Bunions

This is the story of my bunions. It isn’t a pretty one, but I believe it’s worth telling. (Heads up, I’ve had surgery less than 8hours ago, so still flying high on anaesthetic….so bear with me =p)

A little bit of history. I think I’ve had bunions since I was around 19 years old, but I might have had them from a younger age. My grandmother had them, my dad had them and I had them. I then decided to do a Dance degree (wise choice Mariana, wise choice). That surely didn’t help. On top of that, I travel a fair bit (hiking, walking for long periods of time etc.) and exercise a bit as well….

All of this to say that I’ve been in chronic pain for the past 10 years and it got really bad when I came back from South East Asia in January 2020. I had to go to the doctor to ask for help and after a few appointments with a specialist between March and April 2020 we agreed to schedule surgery on both feet. Yes. Both. I’ll explain.

Both feet because I knew if I’d only get one done I would not go back for the second one.

The doctor said it should be a good 6 months before I’d get surgery and in my mind I thought…. “yeah, right. NHS waiting lists plus Covid19 pandemic…. I’m not getting this done in the next 2 years”.

So they called me 2 weeks ago (29th October 2020). Exactly 2 weeks ago. (I’ve had surgery today, 12th November). That phonecall went something like this > Hospital: “Hi Mariana, this is from whatever whatever hospital, we can do your bunion surgery on the 12th.” Mariana: “12th of…. December? January? August?”. Hospital: “November. In 2 weeks”. Mariana “Yeah sure, why not?”

I honestly did not think about it again. In my mind it was going to get cancelled.

On Saturday, 31st October a second lockdown was announced in the UK. Monday, 2nd November I get a letter in the post confirming my surgery, so I think “They probably sent this before lockdown was announced, the surgery probably won’t happen”. On Tuesday, 3rd November I get a text message saying someone would call me Thursday to do my pre-surgery consult over the phone. And so they did. Thursday, 5th November I got a phone call, talked about the surgery and as soon as I hang up I thought “Yeah, well…. I still need to be Covid19 negative so until that happens I’m not going to assume I’m getting this surgery done. (Oh Mariana…. tut tut). On Friday, 6th November, I get a text message confirming the date to do my Covid19 appointment. Monday, 9th November, I go in for my test and they say “No news is good news. So if you don’t hear from us, make sure you come over for your surgery on Thursday”.

By this point I’d only told a few people about potentially having surgery. Potentially!! Thankfully, my best friend Tim was thinking ahead and planning a lot of things for me. On Tuesday, 10th November, in the afternoon…. and after not hearing back from anyone about my Covid19 test, I had to come to terms with the fact that I was going to indeed have surgery…. on both my feet…. in 2 days!

It’s a very quick surgery, and apparently not a difficult one… but I’m basically unable to walk, so preparation is required.

So, “I panicked”. Because, why not, might as well. I panic-bought from Amazon (leg raisers, cold presses, knee pads, wool socks, epsom salts, shower stool (old lady in the house), then I panic-cooked and then I panic-cleaned. All of this on Tuesday, 10th of November and Wednesday, 11th November …. the day before my surgery.

I don’t take a lot of pictures of my feet on a day to day basis, but in the 2 pictures below you can see a little bit of those mild bunions. More pictures of the bunions in the next post…. the Surgery Day.

*If you’ve read this till the end…well done! Extra dose of co-codamol coming up in 10min. Very exciting!

Published by Mariana Vieira da Rocha

"I think it's perfectly acceptable and rather admirable to be moderately delusional"

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