Quy Nhon…. 24h of pure joy [South East Asia Series 2019.2020]

Girls gets on the night train fairly confused about what’s going on since there’s not a lot of people speaking in English at the station. Girl gets into her bed (bottom bunk, thankfully) and realised this might not be a very comfortable journey. Girl assumed correctly.

The night train was not as good as I first assumed and I probably only slept for a couple of hours but hey… it got me to Quy Nhon and only I know how much I needed out of HCMC.

Get here and immediately get shouted at by taxi drivers as soon as I leave the station. Honestly…. it’s the only thing putting me off Vietnam right now. I literally had to step back, put my hands up and scream “No! No! No! Leave me!” (Not even kidding).

Got to the hostel dirty, tired and in a bad mood (the taxi driver tried to overcharge me again) and then I see Halo (cutest lil puppy) and meet Nhung (Halo hostel ). And that was it. My day just kept getting better and better. I couldn’t check in just yet (it was 9.30am), so I played with Halo and went for a very long walk at the beach.

After that I got a ride to a fisherman’s village 30min away and chilled there for the rest of the afternoon… sun, rain, fruit juices, books and just…. chilling.

I was still exhausted but I felt like myself again.

I was in Quy Nhon for only 24 hours but it definetely feels like a turning point after the past week. To the few people I met…

To An. An is a computer game graphic designer (and sound as well?!). He is 28, lives in HCMC and has the cutest 3 year old daughter. An was in the bunk bed above me on the train. Thank you for trying to teach me how to say “thank you” in Vietnamese for hours! It was lovely to have someone to speak with about life in general. No photo but I won’t forget how kind you were. I hope the wedding went well and keep practicing your English, you’re doing great!!

To Lyn, the gentleman that asked me if I needed help as I got off the train and shared a cab to town with me. I don’t have a picture but he owns a couple of hostels in Quy Nhon so yes, I am unashamedly promoting his hostels because he helped me. One is 5 Elements Garden and the other one is Nhon Hai Beach Hostel. (I haven’t stayed in either but I can tell you the owner was very kind to me).

To Nhung …. I can not begin to describe how thankful I am for everything you did for me during my super short stay. The welcoming smile, the tips for food places, sorting out my motorbike rides to take me to the beach and station… thank you so so much. After some pretty rough days you were the kindest person and the reassurance I needed that everything is going to be ok.

And of course…. to Halo! For being the cutest lil puppy that just brought a smile to my face every single time I walked in

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