Chapter 12: Te Anau & Milford Sound [New Zealand Series 17/18]

Location: Te Anau and Milford Sound

Hostel: Te Anau LakeFront Backpackers

To do: Milford Sound tour

I travelled to Te Anau on the 1st January, so I was a bit ‘tired’… or in other words, I was slightly hangover and appreciated the 4hours coach journey to sleep it off.

Te Anau is one of the starting points for those who want to go to Milford Sound and one of the reasons I stayed over. I wish I had planned this part of my trip a bit better because I could have used my time more wisely.

Te Anau is very very small (like…literally one road), but it’s so so peaceful that I could have stayed for days. If I ever become a billionaire I will definitely choose Te Anau as the location to build my ‘I’m going to come here to write a book’ cabin. The same way Queenstown would be my ‘Mountain house’ location.

I got there at around 6pm and managed to go get some food and watch the sunset. The first sunset of 2018 and what a show that was.

The next day I went to Milford sound and it really is everything they say…majestic, beautiful and…touristic! I still think it’s worth it but if you do have the money and time to get one of the overnight tours, I reckon it will be worth it. Or…you can always do Milford Sound 1-day tour and go to Doubtful Sound for an overnight trip. I heard that’s the best way to do both sounds.

My bus was at 5pm the next and stupiditely I decided not to do a hike because I was told by the lady at the hostel that I wouldn’t be back in time….well, don’t fall for that one. I would recommend you do one of two things:

  1. Do you Milford Sound tour the day before and move straight to Queenstown (you will be back in time to get the 5pm Intercity bus and really…there’s not much to do in Te Anau)
  2. Do the Kepler’s Track (or part of it) on your second day. Your bus is only at 5pm so if you leave early in the morning you’ll deffo be back in time.

My hostel was pretty good as well but all the ones I’ve seen in Te Anau looked really good, so I recommend it as a 1 to 2 nights stop.

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