Chapter 11: Dunedin NYE 2017 [New Zealand Series 17/18]

Location: Dunedin (for NYE)

Hostel: On Top Backpackers

To do: Otago Peninsula Wildlife Tour


Although I planned my trip loads of months in advance I still didn’t manage to find a place to stay in Queenstown or Wanaka for NYE so I decided to cross the country and go to Dunedin instead. I mean…I could have payed a very expensive room in a hotel but I decided it wasn’t worth it, an thank god I didn’t.

I didn’t do the Otago Peninsula Wildlife Tour because it was not on the 31st December, but a girl I met in Dunedin did it and told me it is definitely worth it, that’s why I’m still recommending it.

I only stayed in Dunedin for 2 nights and one of them was NYE so really can’t say a lot about it, except that I got very tipsy at the hostel and that NYE in dunedin is surprinsingly cool. There was a stage and fireworks and all the things you’d expect, except you didn’t have to fight with anyone to get a drink, which was perfect.

I really feel like I missed out on a lot of things in Dunedin and I will have to go back, but sometimes it happens when you’r travelling on a budget and with a limited amount of time.

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