Chapter 9: Fox Glacier (Skydive) [New Zealand Series 17/18]

Location: Fox Glacier [Greymouth stop]

Hostel: Ivory Towers Backpacker Lodge

To do: Skydive with Skydive Fox (


My stay at Fox Glacier was short but amazing! My 3 days kayakying at Abel Tasman were the best thing I did in New Zealand but my Skydive was definitely the second best thing I did.

The area is absolutely gorgeous and on my arrival day, before my skydive, I went for a long walk to Lake Matheson which I recommend.


The next day, early in the morning I’d booked my skydive with Skyfox. I can’t begin to describe how nervous I was (I’m very scared of highs!). Everyone at Skyfox was absolutely incredible but I need to say that Peter was the best at dealing with my stupid nerves.

All was well and dandy until I realised I was the only one jumping from 16500 ft and that I’d be the last one to jump off the plane.

Before doing my skydive I had a fellow traveler (from California who I met in Vienna) giving me the following advice: “Do not be the last one jumping off, if possible be the first. And force yourself to scream when you jump. We tend to hold our breath but if you scream and start breathing as normally as possible as soon as you jump you’ll get used to the altitude and speed a lot quicker.”

So… I went last. I was freaking out when everyone was still inside the plane but when Peter gave me the oxygen mask I just thought “ok…I might just die.” Then everyone jumped and I was still inside that  plane for a good 3min until it was my turn, and let me tell you….those were the quickest and the longest 3 minutes ever. It was around that time that I started to say “I can’t do this. I can’t do this. I can’t do this”. Thank you Peter for keeping me going.

Peter opened the plane door and was as quick as possible to get us out however, for those few minutes when I was just there, sitting on the edge of the plane, something really weird happened. I was so scared that I literally just…relaxed. For a few seconds I honestly believed I was going to die and I was just fine with that. (I know! weird!). I remember thinking: “Well…I’m in the country I’ve always wanted to visit and potentially live in, I’ve just spent 3 of the best days of my life in Abel Tasman, and I’m happy. I’m just so happy. So ok…. I can die now“. (and that moment was very well captured in the picture below)


And then we jumped. And I will never forget it. The pictures above and below show all the feelings I’ve just described and I will eventually upload the video as well.

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