Episode 6: Zurich [Europe 2017 series]

Location: Zurich (Switzerland)

Hostel: Oldtown Hostel Otter

To do: Grossmünster, Sechseläutenplatz, Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum

To eat: Bratwurst

I was only in Zurich for one day and a half and it was mainly to see one of my best friends, so I won’t lie…. I didn’t see much. My best friend and I still signed up for a walking tour but we talked the entire way through so we didn’t really hear much.

I arrived on Friday night and I’d miss an important fact… it was Sechselaeuten and the Burning of the Böögg weekend! Although the actual celebration only happen on the Monday, everyone was celebrating throughout the weekend which was really cool to see.

“Sechselaeuten is celebrated on a Monday and not only will you see the streets of Zurich filled with guilds people dressed up in historic clothes, men on horseback racing round Sechselaeutenplatz and burning of the giant snowman, the Böögg, but it is also a half day holiday in Zurich too so many of the shops and businesses will close early.”

I’ve got to say my hostel was potentially one of the worse I’ve ever stayed in, but there were not a lot of cheap options (it is Switzerland…). The location was great but the facilities were old and the room was the smallest one I’d ever been in.

On Saturday I met with my best friend and we walked through Zurich with the walking tour guide and visited the main sites. Definitely worth going to Sechseläutenplatz (the main town square and where the Royal Opera House is) and walking near the lake, it’s just beautiful. Everything in Zurich is super clean and everyone is incredibly respectful of each other. People are nice and attentive and it just feels like there’s this set of invisible rules that no one really makes an effort to follow (for example…no one crosses the road until the sign says you can; no one throws any rubbish on the floor).

I did love Zurich and it made me want to go back to visit more of Switzerland.

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