Episode 3: Prague [Europe 2017 series]

Location: Prague (Czech Republic)

Hostel: Mosaic House

To do: Kutna Hora day trip ….and walking!

To eat: Traditional roast duck w/ white cabbage, potatoes and dumplings (Restaurant: Hostinec a Bar U Matěje Kotrby) ……I mean, honestly. Words fail me. Its the best meal I’ve had during my time in Europe.


So there she goes, on her way to Prague, still crying her eyes out over everything she’s seen in Berlin.

But moving on. The train to Prague takes around 5 hours and it’s quite a relaxed journey. All the trains I went on were really comfortable and had power plugs which was always a plus. I did manage to sleep in all of them as well which was good but again…I kind of sleep anywhere =D

As soon as I got out of the station and walked to my hostel I realised the city looked really busy. There were people everywhere and everyone seemed to be partying. Then I realised it was Saturday and it was Easter Weekend so the city was packed! There were also a ridiculous amount of Hen-parties and Bachelor parties happening that weekend, but I’m assuming it’s because Prague it’s a fairly cheap European city.

My hostel was absolutely amazing. After my experience in Berlin I was super scared and really worried about staying in an all female dorm…with 24 beds!!! But as soon as I got into my room….wow! The bathroom and toilets were amazing (the best in any hostel I’ve been) and although there were 24 beds, it was super clean, spacious and all the girls there were quite respectful of each other. Really impressed with this hostel. The restaurant/bar was pretty cool and the staff were fantastic (they were the ones recommending the restaurant where I had that fantastic duck, nom nom nom).

So I went for dinner and asked for one of the tradicional dishes and a tradicional beer. Apparently, having a whole small duck for yourself is acceptable and they expect you to eat it all….. So after 4 hours, a whole duck and 3 beers later, I walked back to the hostel and crashed until the next morning. 17904333_10154688844903635_4735197593410052412_n

I woke up really early the next day so I could walk around Prague before going on my Day Trip to Kutna Hora. It was freezing cold but the quiet roads of Prague at that time in the morning were beautiful. I also got to see the famous Astronomical Clock!

The day trip to Kutna Hora was also amazing and I really recommend you do it if you can. We went to St Barbara’s Cathedral (which has an amazing Gothic design) and we obviously visited the Sedlec Ossuary, also known as the ‘bone church,’ a small chapel estimated to display the skeletons of 40,000 to 70,000 people, each arranged artistically to form the chapel’s décor.

I think the best word I’ve got to describe Prague is “picturesque’. It felt like being in the little old town where Belle lives (Beauty and the Beast). Specially with the Easter celebrations going on, everyone was dressed in their tradicional costumes in the old town market and all the boys were whipping the girls (apparently it’s an Easter tradition for boys to whip the girls throw them in a bath of cold water, known as an “Easter dousing”. The whipping and dousing is performed to chase away illness and bad spirits. They may not appreciate it at the time, but it is actually good for the girl!).

So that was all really good fun to see and experience and again…the food was delicious!

Advice for Prague

  • Walk walk walk everywhere!
  • Take one day to go to Kutna Hora, it’s pretty interesting.
  • Actually cross the river and go up to the Old Royal Palace and Prague Metronome. The views are totally worth it!


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