Episode 2: Berlin [Europe 2017 series]

Location: Berlin (Germany)

Hostel: Easterner

To do: Sandeman’s Walking Tour, Third Reich Tour and Sachsenhausen Memorial Tour

To eat: Sausages with mash and Cabbage (Restaurant: Augustiner am Gendarmenmarkt)

*Note: I’ve been wanting to go to Berlin for years, mainly for its history. However, I knew I only had 3 days so this trip was mainly focussed on the historical side of  Berlin and no partying was done. (just thought I should mention that in case people think I’m not aware of how much more there is to see and do. =p I am aware …and there will be a partying and arty trip booked in the near future).

After partying all night in Brussels and having to be out of the hostel at 9am, lets just say I was already tired and it was only my second day!

Got on the train, took my flight and got to Schonefeld airport without any issues.

And then, of course, I got lost.

Somehow I managed to get the train in the wrong direction and only noticed I was going away from Berlin instead of towards it a good 30min later! So after a mild panic and a lot of questions asked to random people at this tiny little station in the middle of nowhere…. I got on the right train and made my way to the hostel! Whoop whoop.

My hostel didn’t have a 24 hour reception so I had to call, explain I got lost and was late and ask someone to come open the door for me (awks!). I lost a good 2 hours because of this but I still went to see the East Side Gallery.

Back in the hostel I met a lovely student from Vienna who told me all about the city and then we bonded over countless cups of tea and noodles. =p

The next few days were brutally amazing. All the tours I did were incredible.

  • The walking tour was fairly relaxed and allowed me to explore Berlin and check where the main historical sites were.
  • The Third Reich Tour was potentially one of the best tours I’ve ever done. The tour guide was super knowledgeable on everything and shared amazing resources with the group. He answered all of our questions and was just amazing overall.


  • The Sachsenhausen Memorial Tour was very tough to do but something I had to see for myself. I cried for 2 hours whilst making my way to the train station to go to Prague.


I believe I made the right decision in taking the 3 days to focus on Berlin’s history and nothing else. However, I will definitely have to come back to see a lot more, so if you can, it is worth staying for at least 5 days.

*Note: I have to say that I was seriously unlucky with this hostel. I was in a mixed dorm and everyone else was there to party. On my last night two guys walked in at 5am and turned on the lights without even apologising. I was then woken up by one of these guys farting and getting up totally naked. What a joy. (not!)

Below is my spreadsheet for Berlin:

Brussels - Berlin (spreadsheet)


Advice for Berlin:

  • Again, do the tours with Sandeman’s. If you can’t do all of them, I’d choose the Third Reich one. It was absolutely amazing.
  • Eat! Go to a ‘pub’ and eat some sausages. They’re great!
  • Walk around on your own and take time to see the different sites. Walk around during the day but also at night. It’s an amazing city.

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