Episode 1: Brussels [Europe 2017 series]

Location: Brussels

Hostel: Bruxxl 5 City Centre

To do: Sandeman’s walking tour

To eat; Belgian Fries


My stay in Brussels was very short and sweet, just like it was planned.

Brussels was never a place I yearned to go to but since I wanted to take the Eurostar from London I just thought it was a good idea to stop for the day. And what a great idea that was!

I stayed in Brussels from around 11am (when the train arrived) to 9am the next day. The only thing I planned to do was my walking tour at 2pm with Sandeman’s and then do some exploring on my own.

Note: Sandeman’s are the best company I’ve used for walking tours in Europe. Definitely check them out. Their guides are absolutely amazing and they really contributed to making my trip the best it could have been (http://www.neweuropetours.eu/).

The multitude of cultures in Brussels was THE most amazing thing about the city. I can’t really say it’s the cleanest place I’ve been to or where the views were the best, but it’s really incredible to realise how many people from all over the world gather in Brussels.

The only thing I can say is that I had a really good time, got to know the city in the short period of time I was there and my only regret is not having stayed for an extra day to see Bruges (make sure you do that!).

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 21.26.09

Above is an image of my spreadsheet for Brussels. It didn’t really go to plan =p

I checked in at the Hostel (which has quite good facilities and it’s well priced [BRxxl 5 cityComic Strip trailCentre] and then had some time to kill so I walked the Comic Strip trail until I did my tour.

After the walking tour I stayed at the pub where the tour finished (Scott’s Bar) with my tour guide and asked for advice regarding places to eat and drink (because…beer!), which meant I ended up not going to Maison Antoine but going to Georgette, which has the most incredible belgian fries ever! (apparently they’re not called french fries!).


Mick, our lovely tour guide


Also went to Delirium Cafe and walked around a bit more to check out a few bars, and I can certainly say that Brussels has an interesting nightlife.

All in all it was a pretty good first stop and I would want to go back to explore a bit more and get to know the different cultures and neighborhoods, which unfortunately I didn’t have time to explore.

So….advice if you’re in Brussels:

  • Do a walking tour with Sandeman’s. It was the best thing I did with the short amount of time I had.
  • Have a beer….have all the beer. And fries…because I mean… they are Belgian and not French =D
  • Do stay for longer (if you can) to go to Bruges, I totally regret not having done that.


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